Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Password Meter

Hi folks, this is a really interesting online service !
Thanks to The Password Meter you can test your own passwords understanding how much safe they are.

As you may see from the previous picture, this smart tool uses a deduction process to evaluate your password strength, for instance if you put only letters on your password, it will reach a very weak score due to the -n rule. The deduction process is useful to subtract points to the total score while the additions process adds score to it. Both follow a well known rate putted into Rate column. Moreover if you scroll down you can download the entire package, All that is still free !


Anonymous said...

Sweet for sniffing passwords!

Anonymous said...

Well... they claim a1b2c3d4 is a "strong" password. So don't rely on its false negative rate.

Marco Ramilli said...

HeheHe, You're right man, They still use a static algorithm and this is the result ! Or maybe it's a good "security tourist trap" !!
Very nice comment, thank you !