Monday, August 11, 2008

IntelliScreen: Cracking

Thank to Crash-X, who founded time to crack one of the most amazing iPhone Application, we actually got a free IntelliScreen (by IntelliBorn). Of course you need a jailbroken iPhone and an Internet connection. The steps to crack IntelliScreen are really easy ! First of all you need to install it from Cydia, so open Cydia press the search button, type the word "intelliscreen", tap on it and install the application. After that you need to download the crack from here, open the zip file and replace the two files into "Crack folder" on the right places. Just a command line example:

scp Crack/IntelliScreenConfig root@:/Applications/
scp Crack/intelliScreen root@:/Library/Intelliborn/intelliScreen

That's all. You only need to download the "Demo license" when the application asks you and nothing more !
So, what else ! Thank you Crash-X !


Anonymous said... you're thanking Crash-X by demonstrating how to rip him off...?

Anonymous said...

uh..disregard that
a closer read reveals the truth...

Anonymous said...

Could someone please reupload the crack?

Anonymous said...

COuld someone pls reuploud the app again:P thanX.

hermes lindy bag said...

Nice job. thanks.