Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dolphin-EMU for MAC

Dolphin is a great WII emulator but it runs only on Windows machine. So if you got a mac you need to emulate Windows. As you might guess it's pretty hard to play a game emulated twice. For this reason I decided to download the sources and to compile it over mac (Intel). Apparently it seems working :

If you get a right masterkey.bin and if you try to run a good .iso a lot of errors come out. Moreover there is no way to change the configuration plugins to improve (and to run) the visualization.

Dolphin still doesn't run over MAC . I will work on it during my netx free days.


Anonymous said...

hello, i enjoy reading it.

can you make a complete version of it or send me what you have right now?

Please up load on somewhere and give me a software?

Marco Ramilli said...

Sure, you can find it here :

AgoniX said...

I think so too...I want to forget it can be run on a MAC

mark said...

nice ^^ you can also visit thisdolphin emulator for more info

mark said...

hello i really enjoy the guide.You can also read
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info that prove it works at mac and windows