Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is Cloud ?

Hello folks,
often people who are working with me ask what's Cloud and what's the meaning of Cloud security ? I tried several way to explain the differences between Cloud Security and Distributed Service Oriented Computing Security, but now I've found the final way to explain that, thank to Craig Balding (

I really suggest this reading to all of you who don't believe in Clouds ;).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving Time

Hello Everybody,
It's something like 20 days I don't write here; the reasons are lots of projects I am still working on which I need to finish before my leaving for Washington DC. Yea folks, I'm going to work for NIST (National Institute od Standar and Technologies) in Security.
I'll work in Electronic Voting Machine security, in particular on OEVT (Open Ended Vulnerability Testing). This is the main motive of my absentee during these days and during next month.
I'll probably write something more about my new stay in US and my security projects but, probably, in late august.

Until late august I'll write only the most interesting things... to me. :D
Have a nice summer and wonderful holidays.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Live View

Hello Folks,after some hard working days on Electronic Voting Machines (uVote by CINECA) I want to present one of my best forensic friends: Live View.

Live View is a Java-based graphical forensics tool that creates a VMware virtual machine out of a raw (dd-style) disk image or physical disk. This allows the forensic examiner to "boot up" the image or disk and gain an interactive, user-level perspective of the environment, all without modifying the underlying image or disk. Because all changes made to the disk are written to a separate file, the examiner can instantly revert all of his or her changes back to the original pristine state of the disk. The end result is that one need not create extra "throw away" copies of the disk or image to create the virtual machine.

The software is based on 2 simple steps:
1) Configure your program, this means where to carve information (from phisical Disk of from ISO)

2) Run the result into VMWare.

You will run your accused system.