Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Version of EICAR-GTUBE-Generator

Hi Folks, a quick post before Xmas's eve. I've just released a new "Quick'n Dirty" release of EICAR-GTUBE-Generator.

New features:

Version 0.1 injects EICAR inside PDF files

Here the source code and the executables

1) EICAR-GTUBE-Generator-Jar0.1
2) EICAR-GTUBE-Generator-Sources0.1


Anonymous said...

The ad-redirect, i can understand.
But RAPIDSHARE -after- the ADS? THAT i cannot understand. Its impossible to get the file, even if its 0.5MB large, still its impossible, "Rapidshare is too busy" it claims. And i've been trying for a while. Mirror this somewhere will ya..

Marco Ramilli said...

Maybe you're right ... sorry about that... I really don't know where to post it :D. Anyway, contact me:
mramilli AT google mail DOT com. I'll send you the file you need

Anonymous said...

I got the file now, since rapidshare finally worked out its issues. For future downloaders you could put it on some or sendspace, just to have a mirror for when rapidshare is being silly :)