Monday, February 22, 2010

Rocklin Gas Pumps - HACKED !

Hey Folks do you remember my old post on "How to hack ATM and " today some people just realized that these techniques can be applied also to Gas Pumps :) . Here the SacBee article.
So Guys, pay attention where you are going to put your Debit and/or Credit card.
What to check ?

1) Check the card reader. It must be fixed on the body machine. No screws, bolts or glue.
2) Check the integrity. How easy is it to disassembly just one piece of the machine ?
3) Check if there are some micro cameras on the top of the machine. Usually attackers put micro camera to read code on the "roof" of the machine. Micro camera are very small watch out carefully.
4) Keyboard. Check the keyboard. It must be intact. Try to figure out how to disassembly it. Is it easy to disassembly ?

Especially if you live in Northern California, watch out where are you putting your plastic.

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gpi gas pumps said...

This kind of crime is getting more serious. There are lots of gas pumps that are hacked and I wish that this kind of crime will be stop.