Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Week in Delft, Netherlands

I've been in Delft for 10 days or so last year (see here), actually I would never though after one year to be exactly at the same place :P. Well, I do like Delft, it's a pretty town and full of young people, so I am happy to be here for a second time. To me Delft is a pretty "mixture", the city conformation seems like a sort-of Venice while the building houses are pretty close to New England, USA. Even some neighborhoods reminds me my home in D.C.

Anyway, I will be in Delft for the next 6 days, if someone of you are here (or close to here) and wanna have a beer with me talking about our favorite topics please let me know (by sending me emails or directly commenting the post). For the sake of curiosity today I'll have dinner at "La Cantina". See you there !

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