Selected Publications

Finally, after one year from my PhD graduation, I find the right time to publish a small unofficial video on that wonderful day. I decided to put it in this page since strongly related to my academic career.

In this page some of my publications. In bold the most cited ones.

  1. Design A New Electronic Voting System: Towards Electronic Voting Systems.
  2. A Design Methodology for Computer Security Testing

International Journals:
  1. An open and distributed approach to security and service exploitation prevention. ICT-SECURITY (ISSN:1724-1987) Series Year MARCH 2006.
  2. RSA: Theoretical foundations and internal limits. ICT-SECURITY ( ISSN:1724-1987 )Series Year VI-JANUARYFEBRUARY.
  3. BOF: Buffer Overflow and shell code injection in practice. ICT-SSECURITY (ISSN:1724-1987).
  4. IENA: New Communications Security between Server and Client ICT-SSECURITY (ISSN:1724- 1987) Series Year VI-JUNE.
  5. Redesigning Remote System Administration Paradigm For Enhanced Security And Flexibility. Com- puter Standard And Interfaces. Elsevier (International Journal) .
  6. Iphone Forensic. ICTSECURITY( ISSN: 1724-1987 ) SeriesYear VIII.
  7. Apple Super Drive: Set It Free ! hakin9 international Magazine, january 2009
  8. Man in the middle attack to the HTTPS protocol. Security & Privacy (IEEE). January-February 2009 (p. 78-81)
  9. Mnemonic Password Formula. ICTSECURITY( ISSN: 1724-1987 )SeriesYear VII-SPECIAL EDITION- MARCH .
  10. The String Decoding Process.hakin9 international Magazine, June 2009.
  11. Frightened By Links. Security & Privacy (IEEE), November 2009
  12. Always the Same, Never the Same . Security & Privacy (IEEE), March 2010
  13. Splitting the HTTPS Stream to Attack Secure Web Connections Security& Privacy (IEEE), November-December, 2010
  14. A model for e-voting systems evaluation based on international standards: definition and experi- mental validation, International eService Journal, 2012
  15. Raising Risk Awareness on the Adoption of Web 2.0 Technologies in Decision Making Processes, (here) 2012 Journal of Future Internet.
  16. Retun-Oriented Programming. Security & Privacy (IEEE), November-December 2012

International Conferences:
  1. RoboAdmin: a different approach to remote system administration. ICEIS (International Confer- ence on Enterprise Information Systems), Portugal.
  2. Adaptive filtering of comment spamming in multi-userforums and blogs. ICEIS (International Con- ference on Enterprise Information Systems), 2008
  3. A messaging-based system for remote server administration. Network and System Security 2009(IEEE Conference), October 2009.
  4. Network Attack Detection Based on Peer-to-Peer Clustering of SNMP Data. ICST QShine 2009, November 2009
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  8. Arguments against the TrollWorkshop on Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy: computational and philosophical perspectives. AIxIA
  9. Taking the best of both worlds: a comparison and integration of the US and EU approaches to e-voting systems evaluation,HICSS 2011, by IEEE
  10. The Use of Security Patterns for Information Security in Public Sector Inter-Organizational Collaboration, eGOV 2011, Spring
  11. Security considerations about the adoption of Web 2.0 technologies in sensitive eGovernment pro- cesses ,ICEGOV, Spring, 2011
  12. Multiprocess Malware ,Malware (Malicious and Unwanted Software) 2011 IEEE, 2011
  13. Results-Oriented Security ,Malware (Malicious and Unwanted Software) 2011 IEEE, 2011
  14. Web management of electric vehicle fleets, Electrical Vehicle Symposium, EVS26
  15. A Browser-based distributed system for the detection of HTTPS stripping attacks against web pages, SEC 2012 Conference, IFIP, Springer Proceedings.
  16. Peer-to-Peer Data Mining Classifiers for Decentralized Detection of Network Attacks. ADC 2013